Associate members

Alamo, Walter & Alicia

Alexander, Derek

Freitas, Mr. & Mrs. Joe

Gandy, Mike & Judi

Garza, April

Gomes, Irene

Holmquist, Mr. & Mrs. Leonard

Isola, David & Dora

Maffei, Louis & Kathryn

Marchese, Tony & Susan

Martin, Richard & Yvette


Mendonca, Raulin & Margaret


Nagle, Rick & Kris


Nagy, Mr. & Mrs. Patrick


Oliveira, Mel

Ouse, Mr. & Mrs. Duane

Quinn, Judy

Rogers, Ryan & Vanessa

Snoke, Pat


What is an Associate Member?

Associate members include: educators, clergy, elected officials, government employees, retired, and other individuals not associated with a business whom want to stay updated with community events.